Anxin Orhanic Chicken -Price Down !

Wow! 安心有机鸡 跌价啦!
现在是[吃鸡]的最佳时间,即日起到3月31日订购安心有机鸡肉系列一律每件[折扣] RM2,买足3件 [附送] 安心有机鸡翅一包. 
现在市场普遍[缺鸡] ,价格又高,大家千万别[ 走鸡] 咯!
Now is the best time to eat chickens with cheaper prices!Starting from now until 31 March 2022, BUY every single item of Anxin Organic Chicken Series will giving a PRICE DOWN DISCOUNT for RM2.
In addition, if you BUY 3 items with FREE 1 packet of Anxin Wings. All Chickens are LIMITED supply now in the market, don't missed it!
Beside,if BUY other fresh items will still entitled for BUY & FREE! The Promotion is still continuing.... 
Any purchase of 3 sets of the listed item's as below and order amount equal to RM105 will get one items for free. 
It meam If you buy RM210, you will get 2 items for free.! 
除了以上优惠,Delifresh其他鲜品 还是 有买! 有送!   促销 !依然继续....... 
凡购买以下3套产品与订单金额RM105 即可选一份赠品, 而买上超过RM210或以上即可赠送2份赠品,如此类推。
Free Items For This Week 本周赠品清单如下;
(A) Free Range Kampung Eggs 🥚 (worth RM12.50) 🆓 走地放养鸡蛋 x15 粒🥚(价值RM12. 50)
(B) Pesticide free Capsicum 无公害灯笼椒 2pc  价值RM12
(C) Anxin Wings x1 packet (5pc/pkt worth RM25) 🆓 送一包5只安心鸡翅 (价值RM25)
(D) any of the fish fillets as below  以下任选一种鱼肉
1. Seabass Fish Fillet 深海目鲈鱼肉片200+- gram RM12
2. Siakap Fish Fillet Shabu Shabu  (石甲海目炉薄鱼片)170+- gram RM11/pkt
3. Golden Pomfret Fish Fillet 海金鲳鱼鱼肉片300+- gram Before clean RM12/pkt
#Offer Valid from now until 11 March 2022
#有效期 即日起至2022年3月11号
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06 Mar 2022