Free Range Chicken

Free Range Chicken

Free Range Chicken

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Weight(grams): 2400

Free Range Bearded Chicken (Hen): 2.00kg to 2.45kg per bird (next weight after slaughtered)

#无抗生素残留 Antibiotic Residue Free
#不打长肉剂 Growth Hormone Free
#养足90天 More than 90-days feeding period 
#走地放养 Free Range Farming 
#以谷、玉米、各种菜叶等天然配料饲养 Feed with natural ingredients such as grains, corns & leaf gree. 
#冷冻处理保鲜 immediately freeze to keep fresh
#卫生安全食用 Hygiene & safe to consume
#鸡肉味道清香,肉质嫩滑 Good smell of meat n delicious. 

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