One Condominium One Buying Group


One Condominium One Buying Group

RM 35.00

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Father's Organic Vegebox for One Condominium One Buying Group

7 Varieties at RM35 only

#This Package allowed Buyers to choose 7 varieties from the Organic Fresh Vege list as below :

1. Mini Cos 迷你油麦 300g

2. Cos Lettuce 包心油麦 300g

3. Coral Lettuce 珊瑚生菜300g

4. Crystal Lettuce 水晶生菜300g

5. Choyate leaf 龙须菜 300g

6. Dragon Chives 青龙菜300g

7. KingPak 京白 300g

8. English Spinach 菠菜 300g

9. NZ Spinach 帝皇苗 300g

10. Chinese Spinach/Bayam Merah 红苋菜300g

11. Siao Bai Choy 小白菜 300g

12. Long Mustard 长菜心 300g 

13. Short Mustard 小菜心300g 

14. Misome 塔菜 300g

15. Mini Nai pak  迷你奶白 300g

16. Choyate 佛手瓜x 1pc (300g+-)

17. Radish 白萝卜 x1pc (300g+-)

18. Carrot 胡萝卜300g 

19. Purple Sweet potatoes 紫色 甜薯300g

20. Jap cucumber 日本青瓜 300g+

21 Tomatoes 番茄 250g

22. France Bean 四季豆 250g

21. Brinjal 茄子300g 

22. Cherry Tomatoes 樱桃番茄 250g

23. Okra 羊角豆 250g

24. Long Bean 长豆 300g

Plus : Mystery Vege!!!!


Terms & Condition:

1.Vege list will be revised on a weekly basis, pls contact Mr. Delifresh 012 5352 528 to get the latest vege list.

2.If any of buyers' choices not available during the delivery day, we will replace with another vege without advance notice to Buyer. 

3. Free delivery to all selected destinations within Klang Valley areas which under management of e-Comunity's MarketPlace Apps.  

4. Delivery day is every Wednesday & Friday, except Public Holidays, buyer all required to place order at least 3 days before the delivery day.


5. Any enquiry please contact Mr. Delifresh at 012-5352528.



Community Group Buy - Direct From Farms Fresh To A Group of Buyers within a same Neighborhood


一楼一团 :与邻居一起在同一平台下单采购日常新鲜食材,即可享受最低价与免费配送服务。

One Condominium One Buying Group

BUY Daily Fresh Produces Together With NEIGHBORS in the same Condominium and enjoying the LOWEST bargaining prices and FREE delivery services.

How its Works?
1.同一公寓或花园 第一位客户找到第二位邻居一起下单即可享受这项服务。
If first buyer get a second buyer in the same Condominum to order together with us, both will entitled to enjoy this free delivery services.
2. 最低消费额每单RM35,每一订单附送一份神秘有机蔬果!Min order per buyer is RM35, every buyers will entitled to get a mystery organic grown vege or fruit.
3.服务只限于KL PJ区 Limited to KL PJ areas only


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Booking Hotline 订购热线:
快递鲜生Mr Delifresh
WhatsApp: 012 5352 528
Wechat ID: delidelifresh

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